Swedegas in collaboration with Port of Gothenburg

Safe handling

LNG/LBG is stored and transported at an extremely low temperature, -162°C. The discharge and loading of the liquefied gas are subject to strict safety regulations. Pumps are shut down and valves are closed automatically if there is a risk of a leak, which means there is a very low risk of emissions. If LNG/LBG were to escape, it would evaporate very easily due to the large temperature difference between the liquefied gas and air. There is therefore no risk of land or water pollution. If there is a leak, a visible white gas cloud is formed. The gas cloud rises until it disappears into the atmosphere. The gas is non-toxic. If you are exposed to LNG/LBG that has evaporated, there is no risk of poisoning or chemical effects.

Liquefied natural gas does not burn. For a fire to occur in conjunction with a leak, the liquid must evaporate and there must be a certain relationship between the natural gas, air and an ignition source. 

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