Swedegas in collaboration with Port of Gothenburg

Studying all steps in the LNG chain

Swedegas has been granted financial support from EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) in order to carry out a study called Go4Synergy. The aim is to create a pilot deployment of a ”motorway of the sea” link between a small scale LNG-to-container transshipment facility in Zeebrugge, Belgium, and a ship bunkering facility in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The study aims to bring down LNG unit cost by comprehensively studying all steps in the LNG chain from distribution from large scale terminals to eventual users in transport and energy. It also includes the preparation of a business case, a financial plan and a cost benefit analysis.

This study will contribute to make the Port of Gothenburg a major regional hub, by feeding LNG into the gas grid and offering refueling options for ships and road vehicles. This fits the objectives of the CEF policy in terms of decarbonisation, transition to innovative low-carbon and energy efficient transport system and fuel security.