Swedegas in collaboration with Port of Gothenburg

Open access facility

The LNG facility in Gothenburg is the first in Sweden to be built according to the Open Access principle and will be run by an independent operator. This means that any company interested in supplying liquefied gas to the Swedish market can reserve capacity at the terminal. This allows customers to choose their supplier.

An Open Access facility means that ownership and operation of the infrastructure is kept separate from energy production and trading. The same principle applies on the electricity market. With an Open Access solution, the facility in Gothenburg will be unique among current and planned facilities in Sweden and will ensure fair and open competition on the LNG market. The Open Access principle is applied throughout the rest of Europe and is a basic prerequisite for a free market.


Open facility

An open facility, which is a facility that is not owned by a company that produces or trades in gas, can be connected to a gas grid. If a regional grid is built with a link to the LNG facility, this will increase the potential for biogas producers in the region to reach a larger market.